The Grad Convo Podcast is a solo podcast

By Olwethu Mvelo

As the host of the Grad Convo Podcast my passion lies in serving the graduate community through providing insight, inspiration, and engagement in the form of delivering meaningful content through speaking to young professionals that are leading exceptional careers in their respective fields and industries as well as teaching informative career lessons and tips to help you further your career.

The Grad Convo Podcast is a weekly podcast where I upload a new episode every Mondays and in season 2, I will be shifting the gear by providing straight to the point career tips to help you plan your career in 2022. 

So, what makes The Grad Convo Podcast different from all the other podcasts?

Well let us just says that it is one of the few shows out there dedicated to serve and provide content that is relevant and contextualized with a graduate in mind – graduates remain to be an underserved community of professionals. Listeners of the podcast are ambitious professionals because they go against the grain and are very intentional about their personal and professional development and growth, happy to have your attention for the next 30 minutes enjoy.

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This LinkedIn group is dedicated to the Grad Convo Podcast listeners and fans it is our community to engage and discuss the content and podcast episodes / interviews and to connect with like-minded individuals.

Here is a sample episode you can have a listen to in the meantime

On my last episode of season 1: I interviewed Jayson George an ambitious candidate attorney at Bowmans law firm in this episode we talked about his background growing up in the Cape Flats and how he was able to overcame his personal struggles to succeed today as an aspiring lawyer do make sure to have a listen you will surely enjoy this episode!

The Grad Convo Podcast

by Jayson George | Episode 13

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